Time is more than the space
between two happenings.

Specific usage of the factor of 'time' enables you to create more impressive, compact and user-friendly websites. Mashi is a JavaScript Toolkit with a bundle of time- and timeline-based features.

This page is the playground for new ideas and upcoming features. The timelabs also feature examples of Mashi Apps.

Explore ..

Check out current projects and ideas submitted by Mashi members.

Voice your opinion. Give ideas the thumbs-up or down and provide constructive feedback and advice in our new blog.

.. and participate.

The Mashi Project is maintained and driven by a small team of developers. We're striving for perfection, but that is still a long, long way to go. Help us to improve the toolkit. Please report bugs and tell us, which new features are most important to you.

Send us your own ideas and code. We publish interesting approaches (of course with the name of the author) to a specific URL, following the scheme: http://mashi.tv/labs/#PROJECT-ID.

May creativity be with you.

Series of experiments

Example apps, experiments and tests for next features.

Please note that this labs is BETA and not optimized for all browsers! We work on it ;)
It's a test case for mashi apps in complex AJAX-based environments.

In case of problems please reload the page or use a modern browser.

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